BC NDP News – Fighting racism for a #BetterBC

Fighting racism for a #BetterBC

Building a #BetterBC
Taking a stand against racism

Across the United States and beyond, thousands of people are protesting police violence in the US and the systemic racism it represents. This week, in an article for the Vancouver Sun, Premier John Horgan warned we should not assume racism stops at the border.

Premier Horgan: “Racism is deeply rooted in our history and institutions… Now is the time when we need to hear the very real concerns of people from racialized backgrounds and address them, so we can build a more equitable and inclusive future.”

To help increase awareness, Education Minister Rob Fleming has responded to a call from activists to introduce more information about the history of BC’s black community into the school curriculum.

Join the action - online

One of the main ways we connect with British Columbians is through live events. But in-person events aren’t possible right now, so we’ve moved things online.

This week, we kicked off Level Up, our virtual training conference to help New Democrats sharpen their campaign skills. There’s still time to register for two weeks of courses!

Coming up, we’ve got a celebration of John Horgan’s 15 years as an MLA. And the Premier will also join comedian Charlie Demers online for an evening of cooking and comedy.

Other upcoming events include a virtual cook-off between ministers Lana Popham and Rob Fleming, as well as a talent showcase featuring New Democrats across the province.

Protecting small businesses

The last few months have been incredibly hard for BC businesses. While the federal government has offered rent assistance for commercial properties, not every eligible landlord has applied. That’s why we’ve stepped up to fill the gap.

Finance Minister Carole James has announced that businesses whose landlords choose not to apply will be protected from evictions due to unpaid rent. Minister James: “We’re listening to small businesses and have their backs.”

School's back in

BC’s teachers have done extraordinary work keeping kids learning during COVID-19, but there’s no substitute for in-class instruction. Now, as part of our gradual restart, we’ve begun welcoming kids back to school, on a part-time, voluntary basis.

In the first week back, 157,000 students – 30% of BC’s school population – returned to the classroom, under strict new health-and-safety guidelines. This is especially important for kids who need extra support and will help many parents get back to work.

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