The Right to Fairness – Petition

The Right To Fairness

Across Canada screening officers are subject to an unfair dispute resolution process that is arbitrary and infringes the most basic of principles in labour relations- the right to appeal and the right of unionized workers to union representation.

There are members who have been wrongly and unjustly found in breach of their duties and as a result of the current dispute mechanism, many go without pay for months, putting screeners and their families in a difficult situation.

We acknowledge CATSA’s efforts to protect the public’s safety and Canada’s national security, but we do not condone an arbitrary and unfair process that penalizes innocent workers and leaves them without access to an appeal process.

The current process leaves innocent workers in limbo without pay for several months; this simply is not right and we will fiercely support our members in their fight for fairness.

Please help us in our efforts to right this wrong and take a brief moment to fill out this petition.

Let’s tell CATSA enough is enough, and that the IAM will not be bullied!

We, the undersigned constituents in your riding, draw attention to an issue that affects a number of airport screeners across the country, the very people responsible for the safety and security of millions of passengers every year.

The basic premise of labour relations and the fight unions wage is to ensure that workers have access to fair representation in their workplaces. This right is not extended to airport screeners due to a “flawed” process at our airports, which is gravely compromised under CATSA’s current resolution process. It is a process that disadvantages workers by not providing a fair and transparent process to address standard worksite issues.

Screening officers are certified by CATSA in the performance of their duties on a recurring basis. While CATSA is not the employer, rather a certifying body, it has the power to render decisions that adversely affect our members both professionally and personally. Employers have the authority to issue directives, but CATSA can trump an employer’s decision in cases related to certification. For workers who challenge CATSA’s decision, union representation is not permitted, and the process is extremely lengthy, lasting several months during which a worker may be without pay. All tools that exist for workers to defend their position when wrongfully accused are non-existent for airport screeners.

The IAMAW draws particular attention to the following;
  • When there is a performance or operational issue, workers cannot challenge a CATSA decision at the local airport
  • Appeals moving from the local airport to the national level take a long time, in some cases, leaving workers out of work for a number of months without pay
  • Workers do not have access to union representation and may face disciplinary action if they disagree with CATSA’s decision
  • While workers are covered by a collective agreement with a third party employer, CATSA, who does not have jurisdiction, issues disciplinary directives without providing for a fair appeal process and access to union representation
  • An arbitration is not akin to an appeal, as it’s administrative, extremely lengthy and as such, fails to address worker’s issues promptly.

There’s two sides to every story. Airport workers deserve access to processes that all other Canadian workers have. The IAMAW acknowledges CATSA’s work in protecting the safety and security of the public and national security; however, we cannot ignore the fact that the most basic of rights and principles of labour relations is being infringed.

Our members deserve a dispute mechanism that is fair and transparent at the local airport where they work. We urge politicians, legislators and CATSA to address this problem immediately and ensure workers are getting a fair chance to state their case.