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They’re literally shovel-ready

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Six months into this pandemic, millions of Canadians want to be working, but the jobs aren’t there.

There are shovel-ready projects the federal government can green-light today. Those jobs would help to kick-start our economy.

Our economic recovery depends on these projects.

Email your MP and your provincial/territorial decision-makers and tell them to make jobs their priority. We know this is one of the best ways to get a politician’s attention – and get some action happening in Ottawa. 

It’s time for a Canadian plan that disaster-proofs our communities. We need a plan that works for us by taking care of everyone, especially through hard times.

In the pandemic, businesses shut down and travel restrictions are imposed. Many of us stayed quarantined at home. As a result, people with low-wage jobs had their hours cut or lost their jobs altogether. Essential workers put themselves at risk by serving the public.

Many of those workers are women, Black, Indigenous, people of colour, young people, and people with disabilities. They are feeling the biggest impact from this health crisis.

Tell decision-makers they need to fix this by replacing lost jobs with better jobs. We’ve written the letter – all you have to do is add your name and hit send. 

With millions of jobs lost, we need a shovel-ready plan to replace those jobs with better ones. We need investments in green infrastructure, educating our youth, and caring for others.

Thank you for taking this important step, Siddhartha.


Hassan Yussuff
Canadian Labour Congress
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