Small Carriers Project 

Dear Sisters and Brothers: The IAMAW would first like to thank the Company for taking the time to meet with its employees concerning the small carriers project. The Union and its members working at Air Transat support in principle the introduction of the narrow-body aircraft and the idea of reducing costs. However, after careful review of the Company’s current proposal, the negotiations committee has come to the conclusion that this project would have a negative impact on the membership’s working conditions. In addition, the Union has many other concerns. For all these reasons, the Company’s proposal has been rejected. Transportation District 140 has advised the Company of its position in writing, explaining that we believe other avenues need to be explored first. The Company has informed your Union that another meeting will take place on February 1, 2013, with the attendance of all the other unions representing members working at Air Transat.

EffectsWe hope that Air Transat will take this opportunity to present us with a different proposal but, should this not be the case, the Union will maintain its position. Your Union invites its members working at Air Transat to submit any suggestions they may have to cut costs. Your suggestions can be forwarded to your Local Union Shop Chairperson at any time prior to February 1, 2013. The IAMAW appreciates your continued support. As more information regarding this matter becomes available, it will be communicated to the membership.

In solidarity, Your negotiations committee members:

Georges Bujold General Chairperson District 140, IAMAW Mathieu Miller – Vancouver Herb Reiner – Toronto Sébastien Auger, Yves Constantin (observer), Steven St-Arnaud – Montréal

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