BC FED – How did we do?

How did we do?

BC Federation of Labour
The provincial election may be over, but our job of protecting hardworking British Columbians continues. And we want to know what you think.So we’ve designed a post-election poll to ask how our Future for All campaign worked for you.

Can you take two minutes to let us know what we did right, what we did wrong, and how we can do better?

Were we clear about our purpose? Did we stand for the same things you did? Did we move you to act?

Making sure we’re heard during elections is a big part of our programming — but it’s only half the fight. Long after the polls close, we stick around to make sure our voice doesn’t fade. We need to continue engaging our supporters to ensure campaign promises like affordable childcare, expanded universal healthcare, and more worker protections don’t fade with the spotlight.

Help us evaluate our last steps so we can plan our next ones. 



The BC Federation of Labour

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