CLC – Add Your Voice – Include a Child Care Plan that works for working families

Add Your Voice – Include a Child Care Plan that works for working families

We know that families in your community are anxious as they make the decision to send their children back to school or to further their education from home.

Families with small children will have to decide whether-or-not to place small children in childcare or struggle to return to work without adequate child care in place.

Governments across the country have recognized that in order for Canadians to go back to work, they need child care, we also know that  across the country childcare spaces can be difficult to come by. 

As we begin to shape the new normal, child care must be at the heart of the post-COVID economy.  Please join our call to disaster-proof the social safety net and include a childcare plan that works for working families.

Decision-makers are making choices about our future.

We need to learn lessons from the pandemic and reject calls for American-style cuts, austerity, and privatization. Instead, we need a plan that’s rooted in our way of doing things – together.

Add your name and tell your federal and provincial/territorial governments to:

  • Kick-start local economies by investing in public infrastructure, public services, and a made-in-Canada procurement strategy.
  • Keep seniors safe by making long-term care part of Canada’s public health care system and creating a universal prescription drug plan.
  • Make sure employment insurance is there for everyone who needs it when the next disaster hits; have a plan for child care that works; and keep communities strong with more affordable housing.

Add your voice

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