BC FED – Not normal, better!

Not normal, better!

As BC begins to relaunch our economy, a lot of us are asking: why just go back to the old normal? Why not build something better?

There will always be voices calling on BC to go backwards – looking to slash public services, cancel the minimum wage increase and seek economic recovery at the expense of working people.

The voices of working people are powerful and crucial. We’d like your input on the next steps we should call on government to take in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This pandemic has exposed major gaps in everything from workplace safety to social supports. And it’s also shown us government can do a lot to make life better for working people and all of us in BC.

We’ve put together some of the best ideas we’ve heard for making our province a better, fairer place. Changes that will make our province more equal and ensure everyone prospers, through strengthening worker rights, tackling climate change and embracing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

You can read these ideas in our vision for a post-pandemic BC – Rebuilding Our Economy for All.

Now’s the time to set out our priorities for a more resilient BC. Here are some of the improvements we’ve suggested making – tell us what’s most important to you.

We can’t cut and slash our way back to prosperity. If we don’t stand up, the road ahead just leads to a handful of wealthy people getting richer while the rest of us make do with less.

Give us your input now. It’s easy. Go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BCFEDeconomicrecovery

Thank you for sharing your views,


Laird Cronk
President, BC Federation of Labour


Read more about our vision for an economic recovery that works for everyone at Rebuilding Our Economy for All.

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