Political Action – BC NDP News – Reconciliation for a #BetterBC

BC NDP News – Reconciliation for a #BetterBC

Building a #BetterBC

November 2, 2019

Moving towards reconciliation

This week, we introduced historic legislation to make BC the first province to bring the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People into law.

Let’s move forward on a clear path for everyone, with good jobs and opportunities, while recognizing Indigenous rights and protecting the environment.

Do you support our action to protect Indigenous rights, and create a path towards reconciliation? Let us know:

Holding the BC Liberals to account

Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals are at it again. The other day, we learned that Todd Stone, as Transportation Minister in 2015, tried to give a $3 million ICBC building to an industry lobby group. And when asked, Andrew Wilkinson denied it!

Will you help us hold the BC Liberals to account, and make sure BC has a government that works for everybody? Please share MLA Ravi Khalon’s tweet, so more people can see the video evidence.

It’s time for Pacific Time

Earlier this year, we launched the largest public engagement undertaken by any government in BC history, with over 223,000 British Columbians weighing in on seasonal time changes. An overwhelming 93% said they were in favour of making Daylight Saving Time permanent.

This week, we tabled legislation that started the process of doing away with time changes and creating a new time zone called “Pacific Time”. Do you support this move to make Daylight Saving Time permanent in BC?

More action on affordable housing

Everybody deserves a safe, affordable place to live in their community, and we are continuing to invest in housing across the province – building homes for families, seniors, and those most in need.

Construction recently began on a building in Mission that will offer affordable rental units for seniors. Local MLA Bob D’Eith: “After years of neglect by the last government, we’re acting quickly to build the homes people need in communities throughout British Columbia.”

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