Save the YVR 90! Help Us Win Respect & Job Security!

Save the YVR 90! Help Us Win Respect & Job Security!

We are contracted food service workers at airports, universities and other institutions across BC. We can lose our jobs suddenly and unfairly when our workplaces switch contractors (“contract-flipping”).

On Friday Feb 22, 2019, the Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR) announced they will be switching food service operators at the White Spot, Burger King and CafĂ© Brioche units. This could result in over 90 of us losing our jobs at YVR! Most of us are women – many of us immigrated to Canada – and have worked at the airport for over a decade. Because of contract-flipping, we can be replaced by workers who will be paid lower wages to perform the same work.

YVR is the latest example of why contracted foodservice workers need protection from contract-flipping! Join us in sending a strong message to the Government that we deserve stable jobs, so we can take care of ourselves and our families! Please fill out the form to add your name to our petition!

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