Nominations: We were unable to fulfill the following positions with members who meet the provisions set out in Article 2, Sections (H) & (I) of the Local Lodge Bylaws, and Article B, Section 3 of the IAMAW Constitution. Nevertheless, we have been granted dispensation from the Canadian Office to re-nominate for the following positions. Members who were previously nominated do not need to be nominated again.

One (1) BSO Member
One (1) GSE Member
Two (2) Ramp Members

NOMINATION FORMS must be in the hands of the LOCAL LODGE RECORDING SECRETARY no later than FRIDAY MAY 11, 2018 by 15:00.

Both the NOMINEE and NOMINATOR must be “Members in Good Standing” of the Local Lodge for the Nomination to be accepted. NOMINEES do not need to meet the Local Lodge Regular Meeting attendance requirements (50%), as specified in Article 2, Sections (H) & (I) of the Local Lodge Bylaws and Article B, Section 3 of the IAMAW Constitution. All interested parties must be be a “member in good standing” for at least one (1) year at the time of nomination for the nomination to be accepted.

Please Note: The following members have been acclaimed from grooming:
 Valentina McAdams
 Marybeth Westman

SHOP COMMITTEE will automatically be assigned to the committee.
POLLS WILL BE OPEN: To be determined.
LOCATION: To be determined.
In solidarity,

Rick Singh, President
I.A.M.A.W LL16
778-847-1016 or

Download: Nomination Form – Swissport Negots

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