BCFED – You made this happen!


The BC NDP government announced that it’s getting rid of the liquor server wage that saw those who serve liquor as part of their job paid $1.25 per hour less than the regular minimum wage. This was achieved because of your support and advocacy. It’s a big step forward for our province.

The BC government will phase out the liquor server wage, ensuring by June 2021 servers will receive an increase to $15.20 per hour like other minimum wage workers. This change will positively impact pay equity in our province as women make up the majority of servers. 

You were among the sixty thousand British Columbians who signed our petition calling for a $15 per hour minimum wage with no exceptions. You can stand proud knowing you made a significant difference for workers in BC!

Thank you for your ongoing support for this important campaign,


Irene Lanzinger

President, BC Federation of Labour

BC Federation of Labour · Canada
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