BCFED – Bring back Grant’s Law!

Bring back Grant’s Law!

The BCFED young worker committee will spend Saturday night sitting-in at Mac’s Convenience store to call for the full reinstatement of Grant’s Law.

Sign the petition calling for the reinstatement of Grant’s Law.

In 2005, 24 year old Grant De Patie was working alone as a gas station attendant when he was killed on the job during a gas-and-dash incident. Grant’s death demonstrated how vulnerable late night workers are to violence in the workplace. Due to the efforts of his family and the BC Federation of Labour, new safety regulations were put in place to better protect late-night workers. The new rules were called “Grant’s Law” and were the first of their kind in Canada.

Unfortunately, in 2012, the BC Liberal government of the day, caved to pressure from big corporations and watered down of the law. Critical worker protections were weakened. 

Now, BC has a new government and a chance to restore “Grant’s Law” to protect late night workers. We are calling on the BC NDP government and the Workers’ Compensation Board to return these protections and to ensure that similar tragedies do not occur.

Sign the petition now! www.fightfor15bc.ca/grants_law

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Irene Lanzinger


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