NWDLC – 2018 Day of Mourning ceremony

2018 Day of Mourning ceremony

Dear Sisters, Brothers and Friends,

Workers are still being killed or seriously injured on the job. It is a tragedy for the worker, for their family, and for our communities. Since 1984, when the Canadian Labour Congress initiated April 28th as the Day of Mourning, we have gathered each year to remember those killed or seriously injured in the workplace, and to re-dedicate ourselves to making workplaces safer. This year, the New Westminster & District Labour Council invites you and your members to remember with us. We will be joined by Labour
Leaders and the Mayor and Council members of the City of New Westminster on Saturday April 28, 2018 at 11:00am at Westminster Pier Park on the waterfront. 

Workplace death and serious injury are not random and without cause. A worker’s serious injury or death should never be considered just a cost of doing business. By gathering together we bring attention to the importance of workplace health and safety and through programs offered by Affiliates and the BC Federation of Labour’s Health and Safety Centre we raise awareness through education. There has also been progress on holding negligent employers accountable for the serious injury or death of their workers.

This year we are highlighting the danger to workers from workplace harassment and violence. The Canadian Labour Congress campaign “Violence and Harassment: Not port of the job” is bringing awareness to the many workers who are subject to violence in the workplace, and to the fact that all workers, regardless of job, sector, or industry can suffer from harassment at work. A workplace violence prevention program should be part of every health and safety program, and employers must establish procedures that clearly state how they will deal with incidents of bullying and harassment.

Raising awareness, education and accountability are critical to improving the safety of workers on the job. But with over 1,000 Canadian workers killed on the job each year, there is still much to be done.

We will be gathering on the waterfront in New Westminster at 1L:00am in Westminster Pier Park. Access is from Begbie Street via the parking lot adjacent to the Fraser River Discovery Centre. There is wheelchair access from the 4th St. parkade and the pedestrian overpass, and the nearest Skytrain station is Columbia, an approximately 5 minute walk from the park. We look forward to having you join us to mark the Day of Mourning on Saturday April 28 at 11-:00am.

ln Solidarity,

Janet Andrews

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