Nominations will be called at the April.17th, 2018 General Meeting of Local Lodge 16 for six (6) delegates:

One (1) BSO Member
One (1) GSE Member
Two (2) Grooming Members
Two (2) Ramp Members

Please Note: SHOP COMMITTEE will automatically be assigned to the committee.
POLLS WILL BE OPEN: To be determined.
LOCATION: To be determined.

All Nomination Forms MUST be in the hands of the Local Lodge Recording Secretary no later than 15:00 pm on April.16th, 2018.

NOMINATIONS for the above may be offered at the Regular Local Lodge 16 meeting on April 17th, 2018. If the Nomination is offered at the Regular Lodge Meeting, the NOMINATOR and the NOMINEE must be present at the Meeting for the Nomination to be accepted from the floor by the President. 

Both the NOMINEE and NOMINATOR must be “Members in Good Standing” of the Local Lodge for the Nomination to be accepted. NOMINEES must meet the Local Lodge Regular Meeting attendance requirements (50%), as specified in Article 2, Sections (H) & (I) of the Local Lodge Bylaws, meet the requirements of Article B, Section 3 of the IAMAW Constitution and be a “member in good standing” for at least one (1) year at the time of nomination for the nomination to be accepted.

Members who reside in outlying Districts more than 25 miles from the designated balloting place, members who are either confined because of a verified illness or on leave qualifying under U.S. and Canadian family leave laws, or on vacation, or on official I.A.M. business approved by the Local Lodge or District Lodge or Grand Lodge, or on an employer travel assignment, or reserve military leave, as the case may be, shall be furnished absentee ballots. Members applying for an absentee ballot on the basis of residing in an outlying district more than 25 miles from the designated balloting place, shall have their eligibility to vote by absentee ballot determined by the Recording Secretary and the Secretary Treasurer before the ballot is mailed. Members found not to be eligible to vote by absentee ballot will be so notified within 10 days of the receipt of their application.

Please fill out the attached Absentee Ballot Request Form and mail by Canada Post or hand deliver to the Recording Secretary of Local Lodge 16 no later than MAY.18, 2018. More forms may be obtained from your Chief Steward (s) or the Local Lodge office.

In solidarity,
Daniel Zamorano,
Recording Secretary, Local Lodge 16

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