BC FED – We have a chance to put an end to poverty in BC

We have a chance to put an end to poverty in BC

Poverty and inequality are taking a toll on our communities, yet BC is the only province without a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy.

Fortunately, the BC NDP government has committed to taking action. They have established a task force to consult on the key elements of a made in BC plan.

Individuals can make email submissions outlining their thoughts.

Raising the minimum wage is one key element of a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy, but there is more our government needs to do. We’ve worked with our friends at the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition to create a draft email with all of their recommendations. 

Time is running out so send your submission today. All you need to do is add your name and postal code, or you can adapt the email and add your own message. 

Poverty and inequality cost all of us. Support our government in making change so that everyone has a chance to thrive in BC.


Irene Lanzinger

President, BC Federation of Labour


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