Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Further to our communication of December 6, 2013 concerning the winter shift bid arbitration ruling, the parties will be meeting early next week to review the schedule and, if necessary, make whatever changes are necessary to ensure compliance with the Article 17, in particular 17.01 (a) and any other provisions of the Collective Agreement.

The Company was directed to provide the Union with all scheduling information electronically or otherwise, so that factual determinations could be made regarding the shift schedule. We expect to receive all of the information requested by the Union on or before Monday, December 16, 2013.abrs

Following our meeting with the Company we will advise the Membership of any developments in the process.

We recognize that the present situation regarding break compliance is unsustainable and needs to be remedied immediately.

Accordingly, the Union made written recommendations to the Company that would provide immediate relief to the break scheduling issues and would remedy any break compliance violations that have occurred since December 2, 2013.

In the coming weeks with increased passengers volumes expected, your health and welfare is paramount. Please ensure that you monitor your breaks and insist on compliance with the timing of breaks in the collective agreement. In the event your break is delayed beyond the provisions of Clause 17.03 or missed entirely, please notify a Shop Steward immediately, while on shift and document the occurrence with the SDM.

Please be guided accordingly.

In Solidarity,


Tania Canniff, General Chairperson

Transportation District 140, IAM & AW



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