Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The IAM and G4S attended Arbitration on August 14 & 15, 2013 and have with theassistance of Arbitrator Vince Ready, successfully reached an agreement on theoutstanding issues between the parties related to the Grievance and Applications at the CIRB.

The settlement agreement provides for the reinstatement of the Point Leader Classification/Position, effective September 8, 2013 at the rates specified in the Collective Agreement. These individuals and the classification/position shall now be known as Lead Screener or Acting Lead Screener.imagesCAZ4NC58

Lead Screeners shall work as Screening Officers on the screening lines as provided for in the CATSA SOPs and as directed by G4S. Additional administrative and supervisory duties and tasks may be assigned at G4S’s discretion.

The permanent Point Leaders that were laid off in October 2012 have been identified in the settlement agreement and are grandfathered for the purpose of the Collective Agreement. Further, these individuals shall receive a onetime payment in the amount of $500.00, less statutory deductions, prior to September 30, 2013 and shall be offered a full time shift line in the shift bid scheduled to take effect in September 2013.

Any employee who was laid off as a permanent Point Leader in October 2012 and elected to continue their employment with G4S as an SDM or Trainer shall have a onetime opportunity to return to work as a Point Leader and be grandfathered as well, without loss of seniority or service.

Should any of the grandfathered Point Leaders, listed in the settlement, cease employment with G4S, the former Acting Point Leaders (identified in the settlement) shall be offered the vacated position by seniority. Upon acceptance they too shall be grandfathered and have their seniority adjusted and be placed on the Point Leader Classification Seniority List for the purpose of the Collective Agreement.

Please be guided accordingly and thank you for your support and patience during this process.

In Solidarity,

Tania Canniff, General Chairperson                           Keith Aiken, General Chairperson

Transportation District 140, IAMAW                        Transportation District 140, IAMAW




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